Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve Dinner 2012

It has been a while since I posted any of my cooking, so I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you what our family was feasting on Christmas Eve.  For many years now, Christmas Eve to me has meant cooking up a wonderful feast for my family and spend hours enjoying it with a couple of glasses of wine, and this year was no exception.  With careful planning in advance I made it easy and straightforward, and everything was a hit with everyone's tummy.  Enjoy :)


Smoked Salmon Terrine and Baked Camembert

The smoked salmon was served with capers and thinly sliced apple.

Garlic Bread

This was served with the Baked Le Rustique Camembert, the strong garlic flavour goes very well with the cheese.

Acompanied Wine: Pegasus Bay Bel Canto (Dry Riesling) 2010.  This is a newly released dry Riesling which I find matching very well with seafood and cheese, it just takes off the oiliness of the fatty salmon and the creaminess Camembert, leaving your palette nice and refresh.


Roasted Duck

Butterflied, de-boned and cherry and pinot noir marinated (for 2 days) duck that was then gently simmer in the marinate in a pot in low heat.  For th finish touch, the duck was then grill in the oven (to crispy up the skin).

Side Dishes

The duck was accompanied with creamy mashed potatoes, caramalised onions and carrots, garlic butter asparagus, fresh cherries and duck jus.

Acompanied Wine: Rockburn Pinot Noir 2010.  The pinot noir from Rockburn has always been my favourite, although the 2010 vintage is delicious, but I find the 2007 and 2008 much better.  It is quite a fruity pinot noir and goes very well with the duck.


Praline Souffle

Served with chilled Creme Anglaise.  I made my praline with macadamia nuts and it was delicious.


Served with fresh whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries.  Christmas in NZ will not be the same without one of this :)
Acompanied Wine: Alana Estate L'Aperitif 2007.  This is a slightly sweet Riesling, not your traditionally late harvest Riesling and it accompanies very well with the sweet Pavalova and nutty praline.

If you would like any of the recipes that is not on my site, keep an eye out for my future blogs :)


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