Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Meredith - 9 Course Degustation

If I ever leave Auckland, I believe Meredith will be the restaurant I will miss the most.  They only serve degustations at Meredith, with the option of 6-, 8-, or 9-courses and as always, there is the option of matching wines.  For several occasions now, I have fallen in love with every single dish except for the desert...and since desert is the last dish of the evening, sometimes makes me feeling a little bit empty feeling. However, if you forget the desert part, you would almost think you have just woken up from the most unbelievable dream having sampled all the mouth-watering creations from chef Michael Meredith.

Factors which I have found vitally important in dining are the atmosphere and service.  Inside the restaurant is very dimmed, while some people find it overdone, I have found it just the right amount to let you forget that you are in fact surrounded by other diners.  There are limited seating in the restaurant with a handful of staff onsite, so at any given time you are very well looked after by their staff members and yet they don't over do it.  Danny, who has been our waiters on several occasions has mastered his skill to perfection.  You will never hear him clinking the cutlery on the plates, and he will ninja away empty glasses and dishes without you even noticing and most and above all, makes you feel very relaxed making it the most enjoyable experience.

Without going on too much, I will let your eyes do all the talking with the 9 course degustation and matching wine, enjoy!

Crispy Rice Cracker

This from the chef has always been different, and this time it was a very flavourful thin rice cracker, something to nimble on while you wait for your first course :)

Side Bread

This is their homemade bread, I love a dense warm bread, and I like to eat it with olive oil and even more with butter!

First Course: Beetroot & duck meringue

The meringue is beautifully done, it is soft and fluffy and goes very well with the duck pate.

Matching Wine: 8 Ranges Pinot Rose 2011, light and crisp, matched the slightly sweet beetroot meringue and rich pate well.

Second Course: Golden Bay crab, Akaroa salmon, asparagus & daikon

A gentle light dish that was well balanced.
Matching Wine: Fairbourne Sauv Blanc 2011, dry and fresh, and took off the edge of the fatty salmon without taking over the dish.

Third Course: Yellowfin tuna, mirin & bonito

This was all our favourite, harmony in your mouth with the fresh tuna, and the light mirin & bonito stock.
Matching Wine: Ellero Gewurztraminer 2011, fragrant with a bit of spice, delicious combo with the tuna.

Fourth Course: Scallops, smoked eel & cauliflower

The smokey eel was beautifully done and together with tender scallops, yummy!
Matching Wine: Seifried Gruner 2011, complimented the smokey eel very well.

Fifth Course: Pork belly, calamari, pomegranate & peanuts

Tender pork belly contrasting the nutty peanut and fresh pomganate, amazingly good.

Matching Wine: Willm Reserve Pinot Gris 2010, gorgeous light crisp pinot gris, matched heavenly with the pork.

Sixth Course: Hapuka, paua, shitake & pumpkin

Nice and crispy fish skin, fresh and crunchy greens served with the delicate fish, delicious.

Matching Wine:
Villa Maria Reserve Chardonnay 2010, this is a great Chardonnay, not too oaky, a great choice to go with the fish.

Seventh Course: Poussin, cauliflower & onion

Oh I love Poussin, tender and delicately soft chicken meat and it was well flavoured.
Matching Wine: Urlar Pinot Noir 2010, was surprised by the Pinot Noir, but it complemented the heavy flavouring on the Poussin very well.

Eigth Course: Rhubarb, raspberry, mint oil & yoghurt

A great refresher, beautifully done. A hint of mint with the sweet and sour raspberry, t'was a great combo as the palette cleanser.

Ninth Course: Bread & butter pudding

Sadly this is not what bread and butter pudding should be, this was a light and fluffy sponge and the obvious lack of a creamy egg/milk/cream based sauce, I was very disappointed :(
Matching Wine: Osawa Late Harvest Gewurztraminer 2011, this was a delicious wine on its own, not overly sweet and very fruity.
Have you tried this ginger beer? Highly recommend to all those ginger beer fans out there, not sure where you could get it from, but it was made from the Hawkes Bay Indepedent Brewery Limited


FOOD: Fantastic!
PRICE: Reasonable ($150 for the 9 courses).
WINE SELECTION: Very good selection, and the matching wine were great.
SERVICE: First Class!
ATMOSPHERE: Dimmed room, cosy and relaxing.

Summary:  Fabulous food and absolutely awesome service. This is a great place to treat yourselves :)

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