Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chef Lagenda, Flemington, Melbourne

This place was highly recommended by a friend of mine and I knew I had to come here when she told me their chef used to work at Laksa King couple of doors down.  Another authentic Malaysian restaurant that is fully-packed during rush hours and I could definitely see why after being satisfied everything I come here.  So first let's look at their laska - here at Chef Lagenda they don't do duck curry laksa :( so I had to try their chicken curry laksa which I did find slightly different - the curry itself is much thicker compared to Laksa Kings' but other than that it's pretty much the same and equally as good.  I do enjoy the thicker curry myself however I am bias every time when it comes to duck so I shall forever return to Laksa King for their Duck Curry Laksa.

Now let's look at another iconic Malaysian dish - the Hainanese Chicken Rice.  The chicken is very tender and flavoured with sauces.  The idea is to put the whole chicken into a boiling stock then turn the heat off.  With a heavy lid on top of the pot, leave the chicken in the stock for an hour and allow it to slowly cook and what you get is the most incredibly tender and juicy chicken, one of my all time favourite!  They do it very well here in Chef Lagenda and once again equally well in Laksa King.

Lastly the Beef Rendang with Roti Canai - YUM! Absolutely love their Roti, top class.  I could sit there and eat their roti canai all afternoon!  Their beef rendang is really delicious, packed with spices and full of flavour.  The only thing I have to say is in the past coupe of time their beef has been either over cooked or reheated badly so it's very dry and tough, an unpleasant texture...
An iconic dish here at Chef Lagenda that I have not provide a picture of here is their Roti Chicken Roll which is a must try when you come here.  No photo of this delicious roll but you just have to take my word for it and go try it for yourself!


FOOD: Delicious!
PRICE: This would be one of the cheap eats in Melbourne.
SERVICE: Average.  Nothing spectacularly good or bad, just a typical eatery service.
ATMOSPHERE: If you are looking for a romatic dinner then this wouldn't be the place.  The space is tight inside and usually crowded and full of people. You come, you eat and you leave!

Summary:  Great place to venture out for lunch every now and then and try their variety of delicious Malaysian cuisines on offer.

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